Broke Straight Boys – Luke & Cody


The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Cody has been with us before, he happens to be a basketball player, 6′5″, a sprayer, and has huge feet. When I asked Cody he said that he is still straight, but has been experimenting with guys only on camera. Then, sitting next to him was Luke, our 18 year old gymnastics star that is bi-sexual. He hasn’t been with a guy yet, and has a fantasy in his head that I hope to make happen. I told them both that I was going to give them a $1000 a piece to do a shoot for us, and make it really hot. In the shoot I wanted to see kissing, and fucking with passion. Both guys seemed very down for it, because of the money and also they were horny as hell. To get things started I wanted to see them start with kissing. Both turned to one another and moved in for it, once their lips started touching they were on a roll. Luke reached over and grabbed the back of Cody’s neck. As they got more into the kissing, Luke lifted up Cody’s shirt and began kissing him on his stomach and chest. (MORE)


There proved to be a connection there when Cody reached over and kissed Luke’s chest and stomach as well. From there the two of them took off their shirts and were trying to get comfortable on the couch. I spoke up and told them to change it into a bed to make it easier. Cody lied down on his back and Luke crawled on top of him to kiss once more. As they were kissing Luke went to get Cody’s pants and underwear off and once he was naked, they went for Luke’s clothes. Although, Luke couldn’t even wait to get out of his boxers before he was climbing back on top of Cody. Luke showed some dominance when he kept Cody down while he was kissing his chest. Working his tongue around Luke teased Cody before sucking on his dick. The blow job must have been good, because Cody started talking dirty and wanting more. After a while though the two of them switched and it was Cody’s turn to give head. Luke was still a little nervous and I could tell from his cock not getting hard right away from the oral. (MORE)


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