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Broke Straight Boys – Preston & Mike


The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

One day Mike called me up asking if I could get him another shoot, and at the time I just didn’t have anyone to pair him up with. I told him that I would see what I could do, but that it really had to be with someone new. The next day Mike called me back and said that he had a friend that was interested in doing a shoot and if that would work. I talked to his friend Preston on the phone for a bit just to make sure that he would be a good fit. I arrange for them both to come into the studio and they were going to jerk off, just because it would be Preston’s first time. The day they arrived at the studio, right away I picked up on Preston’s sense of humor and that he liked to laugh. Both the guys went and took a seat on the couch and were ready to get started filming. I told Mike that the members of the site loved him and he loves them right back. He happens to be one of my favorite models to work with because of his personality, and his easy going attitude. We talked about Preston for a while and how he happens to always be broke, and that he spends his free time surfing and skateboarding. Both guys had a couple of tattoos and showed them to me on the different parts of their body. (MORE)


I asked Preston if Mike was clear on what we do here in the studio and he said yes. I asked if he was going to freak out jerking off next to another guy for the first time, and he said that things were going to be fine. I told him that maybe after the shoot the two of them could become lovers and live together. Preston told me that his girlfriend probably wouldn’t like that very much and that there was no way he could see himself with another guy. We talked through what was going to happen and that I wanted to have a contest between the two of them. I wanted to see which one was going to shoot the furthest and the biggest size load would win $500. That was when Preston spoke up and said that he is a shooter too, so Mike might be in for a run for his money. Once we had the money out of the way we had to go for the clothes next. I had them start with their shirts, and then asked them to stand up in order to get a better view of their bodies. Before I put on the porn I told them to go for their pants, and we talked a little bit. Now, from the other shoots that Mike has been in he has always shot a huge load into the air and all over himself. I found out the Preston happens to be broke and still living at home, so this money was going to help him out. As for Mike he recently broke up with his girlfriend, after they had a romantic evening in a very nice hotel room. (MORE)


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Broke Straight Boys – Kevin, Nathan, & Ridge


The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

On occasion I will sometimes to do a couple of shoots in a day and I just have the models hang out in what we call the “green room” until we are ready to shoot them. This one particular day I had a duo and then a threesome scene planned for broke straight boys, and I started early with the duo. The problem didn’t happen until we got to the cum shot and one of the guys was just needing a bunch of extra time to get off. At one point I knew that the guys were going to start arriving for the threesome shoot, and it was just a good thing that I had the receptionist there to at least wait with them until we were finished. Once I was done, I re-setup the shoot room for another scene, and had the three models come on in. Taking a seat on the couch we had Ridge, Kevin, and Nathan doing the threesome scene that was going to involve some fucking. Since the guys had a while to wait before we got started, they talked to one another in green room and actually planned out how things were going to go. Nathan was going to bottom, and then Kevin was going to do both. Ridge was just going to top only, and some day I told him he would have to bottom. (MORE)


The guys said that they were ready and so they stood to get undressed and peeled off all of their clothes. Completely naked they went ahead and changed the couch into a bed. As I asked if they were just going to start out with the fucking, Kevin pushed Nathan down onto the bed. Kevin got on top of Nathan, squeezing his ass cheeks in his hands, it was clear that Kevin wanted to fuck Nathan bad. They did decide to do oral for a bit to get hard first though. Ridge was on his knees with Nathan sucking on his dick, and Kevin was sucking on his. After a little they switched who was sucking who, but Ridge still stayed up on his knees. All the guys were hard, and ready to fuck. It was Kevin who was wanted to fuck badly. Nathan got ready and in position, once Ridge had the condom on he started to push inside Nathan. Ridge was going to get Nathan to take his dick first before he got Kevin’s whose was much bigger. The fucking was going pretty good, and then Kevin wanted his turn at Nathan’s ass. (MORE)


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Broke Straight Boys – Anthony & Jacob


The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

We do get members who will write into us, and say which models they would love to see together. When we can we try to see if we can make it happen, but it’s just so hard to do every time that someone writes in. Every once in a great while we get a member who will send us the money it takes to pay the models to do a shoot for them. The last request we got was to take the two different Jacobs that we have working for us and put them together. I made some calls and told each of them about the email that we had received and asked if they would be interested in doing a shoot. Both were, because they do like to be in front of the camera putting on a show, and they also love the money. I gave them a time for them to be in the studio to do a shoot, and we were all set. The day when they arrived at the shoot, both were in great moods and liked the idea that a member wanted to see them particularly. Once we started filming we went over why we were doing the shoot, and what they would be doing. I knew that this was going to be confusing with both guys named Jacob, so the one on the cameras left was Jacob #1 and then on the right was Jacob #2. (MORE)


Jacob #1 does happen to be married and he got into telling us how he only was married for a short time before they took a split. Part of the problem was that she found out about him doing porn, and some other things. Recently, though they have decided to try and working things out and have been back together. Jacob #2 has been with his girlfriend for two years, and said their relationship is really strong. That hopefully someday down the line they will get married and that he would like that. Both guys did say that they could use the shoot money to just make a difference paying for some things. With that they were ready to get started, and of course first thing to go was their shirts, and pants. Jacob #1 was going to bottom for us, because he has done it before and prefers it. I had him spin around and show us his smooth butt that bounced when he slapped it. Moving over to the other Jacob, I told him that members comment about his ass as well, and he said that he knew. Turning around he pulled his underwear down to just below his cheeks so we could get a peak. Yeah, it’s a bubble butt for sure. (MORE)


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Broke Straight Boys – Michael, Chasen & Mike


The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

I brought in both Mike’s and Chasen to do a shoot for us, and to make it a little easier to tell the Mikes apart. We decided that gay Mike in the middle would go by Mike, while the one on the end would go by Michael. The plan was that I wanted both of them to fuck Chasen, who was our straight boy who was handling doing anal very well. I knew that he would be up for the money, I just didn’t know if he would be able to handle two guys fucking him in one shoot. He told me yes, but the other two boys joked around about doing double penetration on Chasen. When I told them that it didn’t matter to me, that I just wanted to see them fuck, Chasen seemed down for two dicks at once as long as he made some extra money. Also, as an added bonus I wanted Mike in the middle to get fucked as well, because he has only bottom once before and that was for our Christmas special. In this shoot we had all of our bases covered. We had our gay boy in the middle, Michael who has slowly been turning a little bi-sexual on us, and then our straight boy on the other end Chasen. (MORE)


To get started I had the guys start with taking off their shirts, and then they seemed to be waiting for my next command. Having them go for their shoes and pants I noticed that things got a little more active between the three of them. Once they were in their underwear, some bright orange briefs caught my attention on Chasen. I just wanted to point out that we have seen more straight guys in south Florida wearing designer underwear lately. Putting on the porn for them to watch, I wanted them to get hard for me in order for us to start the oral. Michael chimed in that he was already hard and ready to go. I still needed to give time to the other two boys. And so I just went ahead and told them to strip out of their underwear and jerk themselves off for a minute. As they sat there jerking off I noticed that they looked like the AT&T bars commercial on TV. They seemed like they were ready for oral, so I told them that we were going to do the Broke Straight Boys dick-sucking wave. That was where the dick sucking goes all the way to the left, and then they switch things up and go to in the other direction. (MORE)


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Caleb & Scott @ Broke Straight Boys


The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

I paired up Scott and Caleb to do a shoot together, because neither one has ever done anal before. Caleb is our straight boy who said that he would try anal, and I knew that was just because he was hurting for money right now. Scott on the other hand wanted to gain some experience with guys, plus I knew that he won’t turn away some cash to do it as well. Caleb mentioned that nothing has come close to his ass and that he basically wasn’t ready for anal yet. The way that he left things was that there might be a possibility in a future shoot for him to take a dick. Scott on the other hand was ready for anything that could happen, and he knew that it was just going to be a little uncomfortable to start. I brought up the good news and that was pay, because I knew that would get them excited about what they were about to do. Topping in the shoot was going to make one of them $1000 and then bottoming in the shoot was going to make the other one $1500. Right away, Scott jumped at the chance to take a cock up the ass for the first time in order to make that size of a check.  (MORE)


With that being said the next thing that we needed them to do was start getting undressed. Both guys stood up for me in front of the couch and peeled off their shirts. Looking at each of them I could see that both spent some time in the gym working out from the muscle tone in their chests. Scott said that he goes pretty much every other day. Caleb on the other hand goes every day, and it showed. He keeps his chest hair trimmed and that adds to showing off his chest as well. Going for their shorts, I thought that maybe Scott wasn’t wearing any underwear from not seeing a waist band. I was wrong, he had on a pair of brief-shorts, and Scott got into how good they looked on him and the fact that they were comfortable as well. Both guys took a seat on the couch and reached inside their underwear to start playing with their dicks. They wanted to watch some porn to get stimulated to begin with, and we went with one of Caleb’s favorite scenes to do that. A threesome between all girls and one of them was a naughty school girl. (MORE)


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Logan, CJ, and Tyler Fuck @ Broke Straight Boys


The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

To do something a little exciting I invited three of our famous models back to do another shoot and this time it was going to be an anal three way scene. The plan was that CJ was going to bottom, and Logan was going to finally give it up and try bottoming for the first time along with topping in the scene as well. Then, there was Tyler sitting on the end of the couch and he was just going to do whatever we needed in the shoot. We talked about how Tyler still looked the same and had not spent any time outside getting some sun. Also talked about him spending his time in the broke straight boys forum chatting with the members, and he wanted to make it clear that it really is him replying to posts. This shoot was another part of our charity event where we planned on auctioning off the salmon colored sheet after all the boys busted a nut on it. Then, to top it off, they were going to sign the sheet close to their load and as an added bonus the boys were also going to autograph a photo. CJ and Logan were going to give away their underwear from the shoot as well. (MORE)


Going over the pay, because let’s face it that was what the boys are after when they come to the studio. Logan was going to make more than the other two, because this was his first time receiving anal. I asked Tyler if they had decided who was doing what in the shoot when I was out grabbing another tape to film with, and Tyler was going to fuck Logan, and then the two of them were going to tag team CJ’s ass. I had the guys stand to strip off their shirts, and took a notice to Tyler’s hard work in the gym. He spun from side to side to show off the abs, and then I made sure to show the other two guys as well. Dropping their shorts, they were left standing in their underwear, and I told them to take a seat on the couch. Playing with their cocks all of them were working on getting hard. I asked if they were going to do any oral and they looked at me like they wanted direction. It was Logan who started to take off his underwear first, and he leaned over and started to suck on CJ’s cock first. Tyler didn’t want to just sit there so he started to give head to Logan. All three of them were busy and I could hear all the saliva in Logan’s mouth that he was using to suck on CJ’s cock. (MORE)


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Broke Straight Boys – Zakk And Kyler Fuck


The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

The roommates are back!!! Zakk and Kyler called me back only a couple of days after they did the oral scene together and they wanted to see what they would have to do in order to get another shoot. I didn’t beat around the bush with them I wanted to see them fuck. The response they gave me was that they wanted some time to think about it, and they would let me know. The following day after our phone call, I got a call that said that they would do anal and they had it all figured out. We setup a time for them to come by the studio in order to do a shoot. Since both had done two shoots so far, they were a little more relaxed. I had discovered just before I turned the camera on that Zakk was going to be getting fucked by Kyler the bi boy. Right after I started filming I had to call them out on what they just told me. Zakk the straight boy was going to take a dick up the ass for the first time, and we were going to get it on camera. Kyler said that he prefers to top, and honestly I just think that he hasn’t had the right opportunity come along to try bottoming yet. (MORE)


We talked about how they had spent pretty much all the money that they had done shoots for in order to pay for rent. I explained to both of them that the guy who bottoms would make $1500 for the shoot, while the one that tops would make $1000. Still they would be walking out of the studio with a bunch of money in their pockets. Zakk said that he was just a little nervous about how things were going to go with doing the anal. I told him to relax and that the first thing we had to do was have them take off their shirts. Standing there in front of me were both of their bare chests exposed and both guys are in great shape and had very nice abs. Next to hit the floor was their pants and I saw that both had on a pair of boxers. To make them relax a little more I had them take a seat on the couch, while I put on bi porn for them to watch. Stroking their dicks for a few minutes, I had them take off their underwear so that we could see their dicks. Zakk had a monster cock that was on its way to being a HUGE rock hard cock. I even had him stand so that I could get a good shot at how big it was. Now, I understood why Kyler was a little scared to take that up his ass if he was to bottom. (MORE)


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Broke Straight Boys – Zakk & Kyler Suck Cock


The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

After a couple of weeks I talked with Kyler on the phone to see if he was interested in coming back and doing some more work. I knew that Zakk was a little uncomfortable doing the casting couch scene, and I didn’t want to really pressure him in doing any shoots. The plan was that Kyler was going to make $600 if he came in to do an oral scene and that was going to pay his half of the rent. It was only about an hour after we got off the phone that I received a call back and it was from Zakk wondering if he could participate in the shoot. I explained to him that I would have to see just who I could pair him up with and to do an oral scene, since that was what I was looking for. There was a pause on the telephone, and then the voice on the other side asked if he could do it with Kyler to be more comfortable. (MORE)


Later that week the two of them showed up at my door and they both seemed a lot more relaxed and actually Zakk seemed a little more talkative in person. We moved over to the couch and they took a seat, so that we could get started. Starting the cameras it was a slow start and beginning with introductions. Talking about what they did in their shoot, and how they were managing paying their bills while Zakk was looking for a job. Tyler has a part time job in the evenings, and Zakk happened to fuck a MILF (Mom I’d Like to Fuck) and she paid him $100. That was when I brought up a teaser in that they were going to try anal for the first time in the shoot and both seemed a little shocked. I really didn’t want Zakk to get up and walk out, so I told him about the plan for the shoot. Both of them were going to give and receive oral and make a whopping $600 a piece. That would pay for next month’s rent if they didn’t spend it all. Kyler was also going to go first in giving oral, and he let it be known that he had only tried giving it twice before. (MORE)


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Broke Straight Boys – Jimmy & Diesel #3


The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Diesel started with us only really interested in doing solo work. From there, I slowly introduced him to doing more scenes with guys, and also him doing more interaction with the guys. Over time he started to not mind it as much and kept in open-mind that was to the point of taking a dick in his ass. I would ask and we would talk about it every so often, but the conversation always lead to a “not now” or a “I will think about it.” Well, I finally told him that members were really wanted him to try it for the first time even just to see if he would like it. In long talks he had concerns about the pain, the cleanliness of it, and for the fact he only did the scenes with guys because he wanted to get a check and go home to his girlfriend. The talks started to sound hopeful, and I actually ended up giving him a couple of butt plugs to try to get him to practice. We decided on a day, and I asked him who the model was that he wanted to top him. Diesel’s final decision was Jimmy, a guy that he had done an oral scene with a while back. (MORE)


The day of the shoot both guys showed up at the studio, and Diesel seemed really freaked out and nervous. I set aside ample time to do the shoot, knowing that Diesel was going to need lots of time to relax. The two guys took a seat on the couch, we talked very briefly about how things would go for the shoot, and then I started filming. As you watch the shoot, I believe that Diesel’s domineer speaks for itself. We talked about how this was a long time in the works, and that I was just going to let them do their own thing while I filmed. With that being said the two of them turned their heads towards one another and leaned in. Lightly their lips touched one another’s, and their tongues worked their way into the kissing as well. The kissing worked its way up to being more passionate. Diesel and Jimmy paused for a moment to take off their shirts, but continued touching one another as they got undressed. (MORE)


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Broke Straight Boys – Jimmy & Diesel #2


The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

It took me a little while to work my magic, but I was able to get Diesel and Jimmy back into the studio at the same time. We had talked on the phone to work out all the details about the shoot, but it seemed like they couldn’t really make up their mind. The day of the shoot the plan was that I wanted to see anal and I left it up to them to work out which one was going to bottom and which one was going to top. It took a while, but I finally heard my name yelled down the hall. When I came in they were ready to get started. The plan was that Jimmy was going to bottom first, and then when Diesel was ready he would give it a shot. After I explained how much they would get paid, I asked what they planned on spending their money on. Jimmy said that he needed to buy some things for his apartment, and Diesel said that it would go towards his car payment and some towards partying. (MORE)


To get started they took off their shirts and I told them that they seemed to be into the kissing. Why not start off with that and work into the oral, Jimmy was all to egger to get started. Both lied back on the couch facing each other, with their lips locked. As they kissed they rubbed each other’s bodies and it was clear that they were each getting turned on. It was Jimmy who started to go for Diesel’s belt first and undoing his pants. Diesel proceeded to get Jimmy out of his pants as well. The two of them got down to their underwear and they were rolling around kissing. It was great that they didn’t waste much time before they took off their underwear. Every so often one would break from kissing, and would lick a nipple, or would suck on an ear. They were being very passionate in what they were doing, and you could tell that they were blocking me out of the picture for most of it. (MORE)


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