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Joel fucks Austin

I bet that when Austin first arrived at CF, he never imagined he’d eventually end up on his hands and knees, his muscles taut and flexing as he rocked back and forth, moaning in obvious pleasure, while fucking himself on the stiff dick of the man behind him! But that’s precisely where he finds himself here with Joel, and it looks hot as hell!

It must feel hot as hell for Joel, too, as he lets out some definite moans of appreciation as Austin starts to fuck himself on his dick!

Pairing up the two of these guys was a long time coming, both being a couple of the most energetic and enthusiastic guys at CF. Austin has taken to guy/guy action quite well since he first arrived at CF and that handsome face of his always makes it clear when he’s having a good time. He’s a genuinely horny guy almost all the time, and while he’d never done anything with a guy before arriving at CF he’s discovered just how good it can feel to have another guy suck you, to fuck a guy’s tight ass, and to take a dick in your own!

Joel is a certified horn dog as well! From his first solo video, we knew we had a naughty one on our hands and have not been disappointed since! He’s one of those guys I almost think I could stop paying, as he’d do a scene regardless just because he loves to fuck so much! (In case you read this, Joel, don’t worry! I’m only making a point! Hehe).

For a straight stud that gets into the action as eagerly as Austin, Joel is the perfect partner. He does everything and anything he can once the action gets started, and Austin clearly appreciates that – especially when Joel has Austin bent in half, legs up in the air, as he buries his face into his ass and tongues his hole deep! You even hear a “Fuck me!” escape Austin’s lips as he just can’t wait for what’s coming.

One of the hottest points in this video caught me off guard. The action had kind of paused as Joel moved around the bed to grab the condom and lube before fucking Austin. Though it was a quick moment, it was insanely hot seeing Austin take it upon himself to reach out, grab Joel’s dick, and wrap his lips around it as Joel unwrapped the rubber.

I wouldn’t have been able to stop the action if I’d tried, at this point – and I sure as hell wasn’t going to try! These two studs were ready to fuck, and fuck they did! Eventually, as you know, they’re going at it doggy-style with Austin rocking back and forth, fucking himself on Joel’s hard dick, and that’s obviously enough to push both over the edge as their orgasms soon follow!

See Joel fucking Austin in the full length movie at Corbin Fisher.

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Nice Cum Shot Dude!!

Boy Cumming

Wish he’d shot that load into my face!!  Also Click on the pic for more Cum Lovers Pics :)

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Group gay bdsm orgy with helpless male studs banged

These guys decided to gather for a good gay bdsm orgy as they are real fans of having sex with bound gods and they love training their obedient slaves. Just have a look how they drill these tight gay asses on a wooden bench and cover them with sperm. These gay masters are real professionals and they love training these tied studs as some of them are lucky to try their first gay bdsm sex and it’s great that they can learn everything in details. This gay bdsm orgy continues for a long period of time as they change their partners and start from the very beginning.

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Gay slave in leather boots in this gay bdsm action

This gay guy is a soldier but he loves being dominated and banged by his brutal gay master. He is punished and dominated in this gay bdsm action and fucked hard by a huge gay cock while he is bound and hanged. His kinky gay master loves using different devices and dildos of various sizes which he inserts deep into this tied stud ass till the teas appear on the face of this bound male slave. They love having this wild and crazy gay bondage sex and this hairy naked gay master is sure that he is a good teacher for his inexperienced slave.

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Blind folded lewd bound and forced to bdsm gay sex

Any time Alex visits his gay friend Michael he plays kinky gay games with him using different bdsm devices. Today you can see how he is fucked hard while he is bound and Michael is so happy to push his huge cock deep into his anus. I looks as though Alex do not love having gay bondage sex with his kinky gay master but it is not true as this bdsm hardcore action makes him feel happy and free. This hairy naked man loves being fucked like a bloody street whore and his gay master is lucky to insert his huge cock into this sexy ass and drill it till this stud is bound.

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Bound gay man forced to bdsm sex in a public toilet

Tom came to the toilet as he wanted to pee but he didn’t think that he would met a guy there who would force him to have crazy bondage sex with him. Tom was bound and drilled by a huge cock and a dildo while he was on the dirty floor. It’s always a challenge to visit a public toilet in a new town or a city especially when you are in a foreign country that’s why this hairy naked guy was really shocked to get it there. But I think it can be a great experience of crazy gay bdsm sex and who knows, perhaps some day this helpless tied stud will be looking for more gay bondage sex.

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Tied stud double teamed by two gay guys

This sexy stud came to visit a doctor and he hadn’t even had an idea that he would be forced to gay bdsm sex and his tight ass would be drilled by two hard huge cocks. These gay guys made him suck their dongs and disciplined him. And you are lucky to watch this brutal gay medical experiments in these hardcore movs where doctors love training this helpless tied stud how to be a good slave and do cbt for him which is rather painful for his dick. But at the very end we understand that this kinky gay guy really loves having gay group bdsm sex.

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Cruel gay master bangs a hairy naked man

These hairy gay men are really crazy about having brutal bdsm sex in a special room where they can find all bdsm devices they need. This brutal master uses thick ropes to bound his gay slave to make him helpless and motionless and has wild forced gay sex with him. He starts from brutal gay bondage and treats his kinky gay slave like a street dog and makes him kiss his black leather boots before he drills his slave’s ass with a hard rocky cock and this tied stud has nothing to do but wait till his master is satisfied and fills his anus with some sticky cum.

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Brutal gay master doing his helpless bound stud

Neil really loves training some inexperienced guys how to be good slaves and forces them to have gay bondage sex with him. In these pics you can see him doing a bald gay man whom he met on Internet gay dating site and asked him to join this gay bondage action. They start their gay fetish games from domination when this hairy naked gay master makes his slave feel himself helpless and forces him to obey all his orders. When this tied stud understands his role and position his master is ready to bang him into his tight anus and covers his ass with cum at the very end.

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Hang gay guy having gay bdsm sex with a tied stud

This is Alex and he really loves having gay bdsm sex with male studs. He met this handsome muscular guy in a pub and invited him to try gay bondage sex. When they were alone he introduced his new hairy gay friend to the world of gay bdsm sex. And you are lucky to watch him doing this bound god in various positions. At first he has to do a sexual massage for his gay master and only after that he becomes bound hard and banged by different fetish devices and cbt till his anus becomes wide enough for a big thick gay cock and this gay master starts doing his bound kinky slave.

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