Broke Straight Boys – Diesel & Drew 2


The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

I brought Drew and Diesel back in to take things another step further from their last shoot that they were in. I wanted them to do anal together, both didn’t have a problem with it at all. Drew said that he was down for receiving, but knew that with only bottoming a couple of times this one was going to be the biggest. In the shoot I didn’t waste any time in talking in the beginning and asked the guys to go ahead and start getting undressed for me. As they started to strip down out of their underwear I brought up the fact that someone had already won Diesel’s underwear in an auction and we were going to use them like a cum rag in the shoot. I asked Diesel how long he had been wearing them and he said three days. Drew had on a colorful pair of underwear, compared to Diesel’s white briefs. Sitting on the couch the last step in getting undressed was for them to take off their socks. (MORE)


The plan was that they were going to get hard, do a little oral, and then they would fuck. I explained to Drew that he wanted to make sure that he got Diesel rock hard, and I could tell that Drew was ready to suck some cock. Once the porn was playing I had them take off their underwear, the guys were left standing. I told Drew to drop to his knees in front of Diesel to give him head, and right away Drew put it in his mouth. Sucking, licking, pumping, swallowing, kissing, Drew was very busy giving the cock his full attention. When it wasn’t in his mouth he was stroking it, and Diesel face-fucked Drew’s mouth. Looking up at Diesel he had a smile on his face, and appeared like he was having a good time. I told them to go ahead grab a condom and open up the futon. Once they had it to a bed, I had Drew turn around to show his ass to the camera to give us a good look at the ass that was about to get fucked by a monster cock. (MORE)


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