Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium Game Review

The arcade game is a collection of classics that date back to the olden days.
Included SONSON for free!
Capcom returns to the stage with a new collection of old-school hits.
Find out what’s changed and also what’s totally new within Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium!
The Good Old Days Still Look Amazing
From arcade cabinet models that are 3D rendered to scanline filters, you’ll find everything you’ll need to recreate that arcade-like experience. With fully customizable settings for display, users create their own experience and truly relive the joys of arcade gaming.
Innovative new methods for play
Old favorite games will feel brand new again with game play rewinds and speed adjustments. You can also save and play any game that you are enjoying anytime.
Leaderboards online are accessible for every game. You can compare your performance against other players around the globe!
Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium, where retro appeal meets cutting-edge features for a modern take on classic Capcom games!
Play hard. Don’t let scoreboards hinder your progress.
Track your progress across each game. This includes playing count, the time you cleared and personal top scores! You can beat your friend’s highest score, and also your own personal high scores. It’s never too late to find something that you can hit/shoot at!
Included Title
Players: 1-2 Co-Op
Genre shooting
Versions available in Japanese as well as English
Notice: Players’ numbers are different depending on the game. Multiplayer play is only available on a local basis.

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