[Grillo] To Please a God (League Of Legends) [WIP] [Non-Color]

In the ever-expanding and vast cosmos of League of Legends, there exists a realm where mortals and gods exist side-by-side, where the line between the divine and the mundane is usually blurred. It is in this world that we locate the story of Grillo, a mortal who sought to please a god and, in doing so, came to be entwined in a tale of passion, sacrifice, and the eternal struggle between the forces of bad and excellent. Grillo was a modest farmer, living a simple life in a tiny village nestled in the shadow of the wonderful Mount Targon. He often tended to his crops, looked after his family members, and lived a life of silent contentment. Deep within his heart, Grillo harbored a secret need: to climb above his station and come to be a hero, a champion worthwhile of the gods 'focus.
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